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Are you passionate about helping people live life differently? Imagine what’s possible when we join forces: the strength and scale of a Fortune 100 company combined with the experience of a successful start-up plus your drive to reimagine the way things should be. Together we can harness innovation to become the future of financial security.

Accelerate The Future

Our Focus

In many facets of our lives we’re able to do things that were unimaginable just a few years ago, but important parts of our lives have become less understandable and more difficult. We know people need, want and deserve a different financial future; join us in helping them get there.

Our Focus Areas

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Changing Consumer Preferences

The way in which consumers want to engage with their money and plan for their financial future is changing. We seek partners who are developing new products and solutions that empower consumers to take control of their personal finances and lives.

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Re-imagining Customer Experience

Financial security has never asked more of people than it does today. Yet as consumers, we expect easier and better from the companies we choose to engage with. We’re looking for partners who are developing tools and platforms to deliver the experience clients need, want and deserve in the present and the future.

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Digital Health Revolution

America is in the early stages of healthcare transformation. As providers and consumers are beginning to have much greater interest in and deeper understanding of healthy outcomes, we seek partners who are shaping the future of health and wellness.

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Transformational Analytics & Technologies

As customers continue to move toward digital experiences, we know the immense power that new technologies and enhanced analytics can provide to improve customer engagement. We look to invest in and partner with companies that are bringing new capabilities to market.

A better Financial Future

Why Us

Our goal is to help you achieve yours so that together we can create a better financial future for more people.

We’re different than most corporate venture capital partners: Northwestern Mutual has a 160-year-old track record of industry-leading financial strength, client-centricity and an entrepreneurial culture, which has not only enabled but driven us to always innovate for our clients. Plus, we know what it’s like to be a start-up because we have successful entrepreneurs on our team. In 2015, we combined forces with LearnVest through an acquisition that began as a strategic investing partnership.


Typically, we begin partnerships through a Series A or Series B investment, but we will consider seed stage opportunities. Our initial investment range is between $500,000 and $3 million, but we’re most focused on finding the right partners and will consider smaller or larger investments. While our preference is to co-invest, we may consider leading rounds if the partnership is right.

Our Team

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Craig Schedler, Venture Partner

Craig Schedler has served as a Venture Partner with Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures since its founding in 2016. Prior to his current role, Craig was a Director in the Corporate Strategy function at Northwestern Mutual. In this role he was responsible for leading the team which provided competitive analysis on the company’s current competitive threats and opportunities. Much of his work focused on leading the organization in developing a thorough understanding of how the strategic actions of current and emerging competitors affect Northwestern Mutual. Prior to joining Northwestern Mutual, Craig was a member of the healthcare investment banking team at B.C. Ziegler and Company executing both merger and acquisition and capital markets transactions on behalf of clients nationwide.
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Mark Batsiyan, Venture Partner

Mark has served as a Venture Partner with NM Future Ventures since its founding in 2016 and joined the Northwestern Mutual family via the acquisition of LearnVest in 2015. Mark brings over a decade of leading strategy and business development experience in the financial services industry. Mark serves as the Head of Strategy for the LearnVest business, while also working with the Northwestern Mutual team to explore new digital business models. Prior to LearnVest’s acquisition, Mark launched and led LearnVest at Work, LearnVest’s workplace business. Prior to joining LearnVest, Mark worked in corporate strategy and development at TIAA, particularly focused on digital growth opportunities. Mark started his career as a management consultant focused on financial services at Oliver Wyman. Additionally, Mark worked as a hedge fund analyst at Solas Capital Management while completing his MBA.

Investment Committee

Rebecca Porter, Vice President Corporate Strategy, Northwestern Mutual (Chairperson)

Jeb Bentley, Vice President Investment Strategy, Northwestern Mutual

Karl Gouverneur, Chief Technology Officer, Northwestern Mutual

Christian Mitchell, President, Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company

Alexa von Tobel, Vice President Client Experience, Northwestern Mutual and CEO LearnVest

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